Purina ONE Dry Cat Food, Indoor Advantage

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Purina ONE Indoor Advantage adult dry cat food makes the nutritional needs of your feline a top priority so that she can reach her optimal health, both inside and out. As a carnivore, your cat naturally craves meat and protein, and the 42 grams found in each cup of this dry cat food helps meet those cravings in addition to supporting her strong muscles. Natural with added vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, the recipe features real turkey as the #1 ingredient. We craft this complete and balanced indoor cat food with 0% fillers using high-quality ingredients. Plus, the natural fiber blend helps lower incidents of hairballs. This dry cat food also promotes a healthy weight, and thanks to its crunchy kibble, it helps reduce plaque buildup and whiten her teeth as well. Omega-6 fatty acids support your cat’s radiant appearance and healthy skin too, leaving her with a coat you love to pet almost as much as she loves the taste of her delicious meal. For savings beyond price, depend on Walmart.ca and Purina ONE for value and quality.

• Dry cat food made with real turkey as the #1 ingredient (42 grams of protein per cup)
• Natural with added vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients
• Helps minimize hairballs and maintain a healthy weight
• Contains omega-6 to help maintain a radiant coat and healthy skin
• Antioxidants help support a strong immune system

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